About Me

I am a first year graduate student at the IMPRS for Brain and Behaviour, working with Prof. Kevin Briggman. My project involves elucidating the development of neural circuits for locomotion during metamorphosis, in the tadpole Xenopus tropicalis.

My interests lie in understanding the neural bases of behaviour, and building tools to make studying behaviour a bit easier.


  • Neuroethology
  • Engineering


  • MSc (Research), 2020

    Indian Institute of Science

  • BSc (Research), 2015-19

    Indian Institute of Science


Automating Patient Data Handling and reporting COVID PCR Tests

Python Selenium, Automated Form Submissions, COVID Diagnostics
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An experimental model system for understanding metabolic scaling

Allometry, Metabolism, Microfluidics, Snowflake Yeast, Single Cell Metabolic Measurements
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Understanding the Role of Halteres in Control of Insect Flight

Insect Free Flight, DeepLabCut, 3D digitization
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Tadpole Begging: Diet and Toxicity

Poison Frogs, Parental Care, Behaviour
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